Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

What exactly is curriculum design? It is the part of an education career that focuses on developing new curriculum for students. This aspect of education is so important that some professionals actually specialize in nothing but curriculum design instead of teaching in a classroom environment. However, in many circumstances teachers in the classroom develop their own curriculum. It is also used by parents who decide to home school their children, with the help of education professionals.

In general there are standards set by governing bodies to ensure that all children get the same education. This includes when children should begin learning certain concepts like multiplication, and at what ages they should have a specified reading ability. Those who work on curriculum design regularly review these standards to make sure that they can be met, and make adjustments when necessary.

Designing curriculum considers the students and what types of curriculum is best for their needs. This can be a difficult achievement since students in most schools come from a range of cultural and economic backgrounds. Teaching methods may be different depending on the basic makeup of the student body, as some methods are more appropriate for certain types of students than others. A truly professional and experienced curriculum designer will take these points into consideration.

One also has to think about limitations when planning new curriculum. Limitations include budget, time, and student's abilities. For example, not many schools could afford to take all their students to historical museums, but the parent of a home schooled child may. Additionally, some concepts taught in a large school environment may have to be broken into smaller pieces in order to give the teacher time to cover the topic with his or her class. When subjects are covered too fast many children may not have time to assimilate the information before new information is introduced.

If you plan to become a professional curriculum designer, you will generally need to have a teaching degree and a master's degree in education. If you want to remain a teacher and design curriculum for your own students, look into continuing education courses that can help you get started.

Curriculum design can be a rewarding opportunity to personally have an effect on a child's life by putting together a fun and interesting lesson plan to help them learn new concepts. Whether you want to be a curriculum designer as your career, or simply want to try your hand at putting together your own curriculum for your class, you will find this job to be challenging and gratifying.

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