Deciding to Become a Teacher

When you're a teacher you have the ability to affect a child's life every single day. It may not be a glorious job, or a high-paying one, but it certainly is important. If you like working with children and want a job that makes a difference, being a teacher may be the perfect career for you.


When deciding to become a teacher, you'll require a bachelor's degree as well as a teaching certificate in order to qualify for a position.

Before you enroll, talk to some teachers and ask them what they think of their jobs, and how they got where they are today. You can get a great idea of what being a teacher is like, which will help you decide whether you want to be one too.

Job Security

Most people are concerned with whether they'll be able to find a job once they finish their studies. Luckily teaching jobs are readily available across the nation, and jobs in this area are growing.

Teaching is a great way to have a steady job that earns a good wage, and helps you plan for your future with a pension. Anyone who wants to advance from teaching at a grade school level to university can do so by taking a master's degree or PhD in their spare time.

Expected Job Growth between 2008- 2018

(According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition)

  Percentage of Growth (2008- 2018) Compared to Average for All Occupations
Preschool Teachers 19% Faster than average
K-12 Teachers 13% About as fast as the average
Vocational Educational Teachers 9% About as fast as the average
Vocational Educational Teachers (Middle School) 3% More slowly than the average
Vocational Educational Teachers (Secondary School) 10% About as fast as the average
Special Education Teachers 17% Faster than average
Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teachers 15% Faster than average
Postsecondary Teachers 15% Faster than average

Average Annual Wages

(According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition)

  Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Middle High School Adults
General Teachers $23,870 ranged from $47,100 to $51,180 N/A
Vocational Educational Teachers N/A $47,870 $51,580 N/A
Special Education Teachers $50,020 $50,810 $51,340 N/A
Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teachers N/A $22.26 per hour
Postsecondary Teachers N/A $58,830


To ensure that you'll be in high demand as a teacher, you may want to specialize your training towards working with special needs children and those who are having learning difficulties. This type of career lets you work one-on-one with kids, in order to help them learn and keep up with their classmates.

Multiple Options

As a teacher you can work in either a public or private school environment. You can also branch out and work as a tutor for children who learn at home, or are away from home and can't attend a regular school. There are many options available.

In a high school setting, you can teach one subject or many, and at the elementary school level, you can teach at any grade level from K-12. If you want more work you can also elect to teach night school, summer school, or offer private tutoring for kids who need help.

Making a Difference

Teaching children is rewarding, challenging, and always interesting. You get to work hands-on with a classroom of students and help shape their future. Teaching is one of the few jobs where you can actually see the difference you are making in the faces and grades of your students as you help them to learn and understand the material. While it won't pay you as well as being an engineer or architect, it has non-monetary rewards that can't be beat.

Deciding to become a teacher means that you want to make a difference in children's lives by teaching them what they need to know to get through school, into a post secondary institution, and off to rewarding careers of their own. Teachers can also participate in extra-curricular activities and help kids develop social and teamwork skills.

Schools Offering General Teaching Courses: