Early Childhood Education Teachers: General Teaching Requirements

Early Childhood Education Teachers: General Teaching Requirements

While some requirements differ based on the state, most early childhood education teacher do need to have specialized training prior to being able to provide educational services to children. In a day care position, any teacher providing educational services may need to be licensed.

No Criminals!

Background checks are one of the most common first steps into becoming an early childhood education teacher. Here, the school or licensing body will be looking for any type of significant misdemeanor charge and all felony convictions. Not all types of convictions will cause a person to fail a background check, though certain crimes, such as drug or sex related crimes may. After passing a background check, the next focus should be on education.

Proper Training

Early childhood education teachers who perform teaching duties for children under the level of kindergarten may or may not be required to pass specific education requirements. Those who will run a classroom are likely to need at least a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. This would include any teacher who is considered the main teacher for the students, such as in a preschool or day care setting. These teachers will also need to have the required teaching license for their state, which is usually a teacher’s license or early education teaching licensing.

Most of the time, continuing education is necessary for those within a teaching role. It is up to the school, state, and school board to determine the appropriate level of continuing education requirements for teachers.

Your State

Prior to enrolling in any educational program for early childhood education, take the time to check your state's specific requirements. This information can help ensure that you meet all specific state requirements in place.

Early childhood education teachers have one of the most important jobs today. Through proper education and training, they can continue to provide students with the foundation to life that is crucial to the well-being and development of society and well rounded individuals who will flourish in their futures because of these basic skills learned.

  • They must pass a drug test. Many schools require regular drug screenings as well. This may or may not be mandated by the state or the local school board. Drug testing ensures that the teachers remain fully competent.
  • Physical testing may be necessary as well. In some circumstances, it is important for the teacher to be able to lift a child or otherwise to work in a physically straining environment. While not a recommendation of the state or school board itself, this may be a necessary requirement outside of those specific parameters.

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