ESL Teaching

ESL Teaching

There are many different subjects you can choose as a teacher. History, languages, elementary school, and more; there are certainly a lot of choices out there for you. Perhaps you are still looking for ideas on what subjects you would like to teach. A teaching job that can be very rewarding, fun, and offer travel opportunities is being an ESL Teacher. While teaching ESL you can choose to work at any level in the United States, or abroad.

As an ESL teacher you will be responsible for teaching your students the basics of the English language, including vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Depending on the skill level and age of your class, you may need to start at the beginning, or you may be able to build on what they already know.

Before you decide which type of ESL teacher you would like to be, take a moment to read through the different types of ESL teachers and the requirements needed to be licensed and hired as each type of teacher.

Teaching Abroad

If you plan to teach oversees you will need to have a bachelor's degree at the least, as well as a work visa for the country you want to work in. Some more fastidious employers will require that you have an ESL teaching certificate. Most employers will want you to know something about the country and culture in which you are teaching, so it is good to do some research before you go into interviews.

Teaching at Home

To teach ESL in the United States at the elementary or high school level you will have to be certified as a teacher, and whatever other requirements your state has for their teachers. Some states may offer an alternative ESL certification program, and this program can be completed online depending on the program.

Teaching at the Post-Secondary Level

You can teach ESL to adults through a university or college program if you have completed a master's degree or PhD. A degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is recommended. Many people who teach at this level go on to open their own schools for new immigrants and students visiting from other countries.

Trying Teaching ESL

If you aren't sure whether ESL teaching is right for you start out by volunteering for a couple of hours each week as an ESL tutor or find a summer job in the same field. Get a feel for what it's like to teach English to students who know little about the language. If you find that you enjoy teaching ESL you can start working on getting the certification you need to work where you want to.

Teaching is a rewarding job, and teaching ESL is one way to make a direct impact in your students' lives. See what ESL teaching jobs are available in your area, or abroad in countries you want to travel in and start researching what you need to get in order to land your ideal ESL teaching position.

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