Resources for Teachers

Resources for Teachers

Back in the day, all teachers had for resources was their tried and true lesson plan and a few precious books. The same materials were used year in, year out until a new teacher came in. Change was slow, and new teaching methods took years, or decades, to implement.

Luckily new technology makes the communication of new teaching methods easier than ever. It is also much more straightforward to find new teaching resources.

Types of Resources

There are many types of resources for teachers available out there. Some can be used to introduce new lessons, some are themed resources and some are to help kids remember the lessons. Here are a few examples:

  • Lesson plans
  • Memory aids
  • Certificates / awards
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes
  • Activity sheets
  • Games
  • Coloring pages

What resources you use depends on the age of your students, the skills you're trying to teach them, and what you feel is lacking in your lessons. Feel free to browse all the various resources you can find and then pick and choose those that you feel will help you in the classroom.

How to Utilize Resources

Using online resources for teachers can save time and make your lesson plans more interesting. You can also find materials to help any students you have that are finding a particular concept difficult, and give extra work to those who request it.

For new teachers, these resources can help establish lesson plans and give a feel for what kind of material each lesson should cover. For teachers with years of experience, these resources can help refresh old lesson plans and introduce new teaching methods, keeping you up-to-date with the most current developments

Using Themes

Teachers these days are trying all sorts of methods to keep kids interested in their lessons, and one of these methods is the use of themes. A theme creates a link between one lesson and the next, and helps kids learn broader concepts. There are many websites dedicated to teaching themes out there, and can offer tips as well as lesson plans for different themes, including:

  • Animals (choose one)
  • Seasons
  • Feelings
  • Holidays

A theme is selected and introduced, and then all lessons will incorporate the theme. For example, if your theme was winter, you would start off talking about winter and what happens in winter. Your students may learn to spell winter, count the letters in winter, etc. Eventually they'll know all there is to know about winter and you can move on to a new theme.

Where to Find Resources

The Internet is a great place to find tons of teaching resources. Here are a few webpages that offer comprehensive resources for teachers:

  • K12 Lesson Plans
    • Offers a free teacher website, quizzes, images, calendars, and parents email lists
  • Soft Schools
    • Math sheets, games, grammar quizzes, phonics worksheets for pre-K to middle school
  • ABC Teach
    • Worksheets, activities, themes, clip art, and more
  • Resources Teachers
    • Pictures, lesson plans, stories, songs, clip art
  • Teacher Planet
    • 330 themed resource pages; search by calendar or alphabetically

There are hundreds more websites out there just like this one – all you need to do is look. It's also a good idea to ask your school and other teachers you know about the resources that they use, as many teachers have amassed quite a collection of resources over their tenure.

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