Teacher Salaries

Teacher Salaries

Teacher salaries vary according to location, years of experience, and qualifications.

According to the latest figures released by the American Federation of Teachers, as outlined in the document "Survey and Analysis of Teacher Salary Trends 2007" (PDF format), the following statistics are notable when it comes to teacher salaries:

Average Teachers Salaries (2007)

  Average Annual Salary Average Annual Entry-Level Salary
Public School Teachers $51,009 $35,284
Charter School Teachers $41,106 $34,817

Average Public School Teachers Salaries By State (2007)

  Average Annual Salary Average Annual Entry-Level Salary
California $63,640 $38,875
Connecticut $61,039 $41,497
New Jersey $59,557 $44,523
New York $59,557 $39,500
Rhode Island $58,420 $34,838
Missouri $40,384 $31,285
Mississippi $40,182 $32,141
North Dakota $38,586 $27,064
Utah $37,775 $28,653
South Dakota $35,378 $26,988

Cities for Average Entry-Level BA-Salaries (2007-2008)

  CITY STATE Average Entry-Level Salaries % change from '06-'07
1. New York NY $45,530 +16.7%
2. Los Angeles CA $45,637 +10.8%
3. Chicago IL $42,021 +12.5%
4. Houston TX $42,745 +22.1%
5. Philadelphia PA $39,914 +11%
6. San Diego CA $39,412 +14.2%
7. Detroit MI $38,680 +6.6%
8. Dallas TX $43,500 +13%
9. Phoenix AZ $36,947 +12.2%
10. San Antonio TX $41,525 +8.7%

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics is another valuable source of data and information regarding teachers' salaries and job outlook.

Average National Wage Estimates By Occupation (May 2009)

Occupation Average Annual National Wage
Teachers Assistant $24,280
Preschool Teachers $27,450
Kindergarten Teachers $50,380
Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, and GED Teachers $50,390
Elementary School Teachers $53,150
Middle School Teachers $53,550
Special Education Teachers (Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary School) $53,770
Special Education Teacher (Middle School) $54,750
Secondary School Teachers $55,150
Special Education Teachers (Secondary School) $56,420
Postsecondary Teachers $74,330

Teacher Salary Information

Depending on your region and school district, these actions may affect your salary.

  • Take Additional Courses – Many school systems will increase teacher salaries for every 15 additional credit hours earned. It's in your own best interest to take a additional classes and bump up your overall pay. In addition, many school districts will even reimburse teachers for the cost of additional coursework, which further increases the motivation to pursue additional learning opportunities.
  • Lead an Extracurricular Activity – Most school districts may also pay teachers extra money to coach a sport or take on an extracurricular activity, such as running the yearbook or facilitating a robotics club.
  • Consider Teaching in an Urban Area – According to the American Federation of Teachers, the maximum salaries of qualified and competent teachers in large cities may actually exceed $90,000.
  • Tutor – Consider tutoring students in math, reading, or writing, as a way of earning some extra money. While this does not count toward your actual salary, it would certainly be a bonus to the money you're earning currently.

Be an Advocate for Increased Teacher Salaries

Each teacher can make a difference in the future of teacher salaries by taking his or her profession seriously. Become your own advocate by attending board meetings and volunteering with your local American Federation of Teachers or National Education Association organization.

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