The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education

Long gone are the days of the American dream being a middle school education followed by an apprenticeship in a craft or trade. One used to be able to ensure job security by learning one trade and surviving on just a rudimentary knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic. (For some jobs, even those qualifications were not necessary!) Not so in the current century. We are living on the bleeding edge of technology and mere knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic just doesn't cut it anymore. Our workforce needs critical and creative thinkers who can solve a variety of problems.

The education system is geared toward meeting the needs of America's youth. Young students are discovering their strengths and building their dreams for the future. They're growing up physically and mentally. They are beginning to understand themselves and the world around them. Give them a quality education and they will grow up with a strong foundation of knowledge to meet those dreams. Deny them that quality education and they are doomed to a life where they never meet their dreams or reach their true potential.

The education system develops the talents of the people who will be leading our country in the next generation. We want to nurture students' physical prowess, mental acuity, and social graces. It's the education system's responsibility to train students in the skills needed to pursue their dreams and make a better society.

As educators, we help students to discover different career fields and develop their skills in the areas that interest them. We also give them the base skills in core subjects like language, mathematics, science, history, and the arts. When a student graduates from high school, they should have a set of basic skills to help them be successful in whatever career or higher education they choose to pursue.

Social awareness is another important aspect of education. A child who does not receive a formal education only receives one view of society – that of his parents. The education system shows students all sides of the issues so that they can make informed decisions about their lives and their world. Bringing the critical issues of society into the classroom for discussion and debate helps students become critical and creative thinkers, the very minds our society needs to improve our world. Education should give students the knowledge and feeling that they are responsible for the world they live in and making it a better place.

The education system is also able to teach students the things their parents may be ill-equipped to teach. It gives parents the ability to put their children in the hands of multiple experts. Teachers are professionals who are passionate about their subject and about touching the lives of the children in their care. The education system isn't necessarily perfect, but it does give our children a wide scope of intellectual and social abilities that will serve them in their later lives. It is truly a valuable and important part in raising informed and responsible citizens.