Why Study a Degree in Education?

Why Study a Degree in Education?

With so many types of degrees out there, why study towards a degree in education? For one, it allows you to become a teacher, which can be a rewarding and challenging career. It also gives you access to administrative and management jobs in schools, universities, and private institutions.

Why Become a Teacher?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a teacher:

  • Unlock student potential – As a teacher you'll be able to teach students how to become great learners, and help them discover their fullest potential.
  • Share in student success – Whenever a student successfully grasps a new concept, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment for helping them understand.
  • Learn new material – Great teachers usually have a love of learning, and being a teacher gives you access to a wide variety of new material.
  • Make a difference – Not many jobs allow you to make a difference in a child's life as much as being a teacher does.
  • Enjoy a secure job – Teaching jobs are in high demand, meaning that you'll always have a secure job.
  • Get summers off – No other jobs give you eight weeks of vacation each and every summer, as well as Christmas and Spring Break.

Kinds of Teachers

With a degree in education you'll be qualified for all kinds of teaching jobs. You can teach:

There are endless opportunities for teachers in both the public and private sectors.

Opportunities Outside Teaching

Even if teaching is not for you, there are tons of other jobs that you can qualify for with an education degree.

You can work at the school board as an administrator, supervisor, assistant, or educational manager. Or you could use your education to work in the community as an outreach worker for troubled and at-risk youth.

The fabulous part of education degrees is that no matter what you end up doing, you're likely to be helping someone, and shaping the way education is approached in the future. The world needs more people like you who are willing to teach, or work in a capacity to assist teachers and those who want to learn.

Financial Aid

Since teachers are in such high demand, financial assistance for an educational degree is readily available. In fact, if you're willing to teach specific subjects where teachers are lacking, such as science or math, you can even get a portion of your education paid for with a Federal grant worth thousands of dollars.

For further resources about financial aid for education degrees, investigate the Federal government's TEACH Grant or visit The Teacher Center's Financial Assistance page.

Schools Offering General Teaching Courses: