Working at the School Board

Working at the School Board

Not all people who work in education are teachers. In fact, many of them have little or no educational training at all. People who work at the school board are responsible for keeping the educational cogs running smoothly, so that teachers can focus wholly on their jobs.

If you've always wanted to work in education, but don't want to pursue a career in teaching, perhaps a job at the school board is perfect for you. There are tons of jobs available at the school board for people who have varying levels of expertise, so finding a job to suit your education and experience should be relatively straightforward.

Superintendent of Education

As a Superintendent of Education at a school board, you'll be responsible for a region of elementary and secondary schools. You'll be in charge of setting the tone for curriculum and will be committed to the success of the students in your area. You'll work closely with trustees, colleagues, and community partners to make important decisions on how your schools will be operated.

To obtain such a senior position such as Superintendent of Education you'll need:

  • A degree in education or educational management
  • Several years of experience in an educational field
  • Some management experience
  • A demonstrated ability to lead, manage, and meet goals

Administrative Assistant

All management staff require the help of an Administrative Assistant to keep things running smoothly. Administrative Assistants can work for all levels of school board staff, and usually help out by:

  • Managing schedules
  • Printing reports
  • Arranging meetings between different staff members

Administrative Assistants need an appropriate amount of experience along with a diploma in a related field, such as office administration or management. Positions may vary – some may require little or no education or experience, while Executive Assistants may need five or 10 years' worth.

Operations Supervisor

As an Operations Supervisor, you'll be responsible for supervising and coordinating engineers, head custodians, and other staff responsible for keeping the school buildings running smoothly. You'l be called upon in the event of an emergency such as a fire, flood, or break-in, to ensure that the school can be reopened as quickly as possible. Operations Supervisors also ensure that all security and HVAC measures are followed, liaise with various city committees as well as participate in the hiring of operations staff.

Operations Supervisors usually need at least five years of experience in a unionized-type of environment, as well as a degree and appropriate experience in power engineering. They also need to have a reasonable knowledge of:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Janitorial requirements
  • Maintenance

Accounting Manager

Responsible for the management of financial reporting for the school district, the Accounting Manager takes care of monthly and quarterly reports to the school district. They also develop and maintain the systems required to monitor cash flow and budgets of the school district and manage a staff who do the same. Accounting Managers may be required to carry out special projects and are involved with the development of operational plans.

To qualify as an Accounting Manager, you must:

  • Complete four years towards a recognized accounting designation
  • Be familiar with computerized accounting systems
  • Have several years of experience working with the public, particularly in an education industry
  • Supervisory experience will be preferred

Once you've identified the positions you're capable of, contact your local school board and inquire about their application process, and whether there are any positions available.

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