Internet or Bust!

by Nicole on January 18, 2010

Ok…so during my first year as a teacher, I have relied heavily on the internet. Yes, I have many resources available from my academy. Books, workbooks, cassettes, etc. are all at my disposal. And yes, all of them are from 1978. I remember one of the books had a chapter on technology. It had a picture of a man wearing bell bottoms with a huge cell phone the size of an encyclopedia. The caption read “If you had a cellular phone, how would your life be different?”

So yes, the materials are all out of date and don’t get me started on having to carry around a hugenormous cassette player in my bag day in and day out. Yes, a cassette player!

So I need to use whatever I can to design my lesson plans. I have developed a great knack for finding resources. I use newspapers,podcasts, magazine articles, and, of course, the good ole internet.

Here are some internet sites that work really well for me. A lot of them are designed for children, but can be adapted for adults.

  • Tired Teacher´s Website K-12 The name says it all- Are you tired? Are you a teacher? This site has an infinite index of subjects and activities for every age just for you!
  • Resources for Music Teachers Good site for music teachers or anyone who wants to use music in their classroom. You can find songs, sheet music, printed lyrics, etc. It’s great for those tefl teachers to use songs to teach vocabulary and/or listening skills.
  • Evaluation Techniques of Internet Resources This is a good website for older children, maybe college age. As the name suggests, it teaches evaluation of the internet which is good to go over with kids as they tend to copy directly off the internet these days!
  • Criminal Justice for Kids This is a useful site for developing lesson plans on crime. It has a lot of links for games and silly stuff for kids, but it also has information on the US legal system. Really, there are many possibilities here.
  • Important Women in Science This is a web page that is great to use as a starting point for papers, book reports, and science students. It is an informative page that focuses on important scientific contributions by women scientists.
  • One Stop EnglishThis site has saved my life many times! It has free lesson plans with a ton of activities for all levels and grades. It also has sections on grammar, debates, etc.
  • Bbc.com The section that I used the most was called BBC Learning English. It is aimed at TEFL teachers teaching English, but it works for all ages and levels. The news articles are great.
  • Pbs.org What can I say?-It’s PBS for teachers and it’s the best!

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