The Funniest Mlogs

by Nicole on April 6, 2010

So you can find my list of great teacher blogs here. In my opinion, the best teacher blogs are funny, witty, and personal. They can provoke laughter, tears, empathy, and camaraderie from anyone who has ever taught children.

The same thing goes for the not-so-new bloggin’ boom of Mlogs: Mommy Blogs.

While you might be expecting the typical mom-world stuff, you won’t be finding any June Cleavers in these blogs. These martini-chugging, photo-chopping, product-shilling women are making buck and entertaining you along the way.
Check out the most entertaining mommies and their thoughts on mommy life:

  • Fussy Eden M. Kennedy “tells it like it is”
  • Dooce “Honest and sardonic” writings from Heather Armstrong
  • Girls Gone Child Former wild child with a baby
  • The Imperfect Parent Rachael Brownell offers thoughts and advice on reclaiming a little bit of adult time in our parenting lives.
  • Amalah Advice smackdown for new mommies

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