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To become a teacher in Alabama, you will need to meet the specific teacher credentialing within the state. Each state is different in the requirements it sets forth for teachers. In addition, it is important to remember that these requirements often change from time to time. Be sure to check with your state's board of education before you commit to any specific educational goals.

Teacher credentialing in Alabama requires prerequisite coursework to be completed, plus teacher preparation to be completed, before final testing requirements are obtained. If you hope to become an educator in the state, your first step will be to obtain the necessary education through an accredited school. In the state of Alabama, the following prerequisite coursework is required of all individuals hoping to become teachers:

  • The student must obtain a bachelor's degree from a state approved and accredited school.
  • Undergraduate requirements are required in Alabama.
  • Elementary education requirements in the state include at least 32 semester hours of education with at least 19 of those semester hours being in upper division credit levels.
  • Secondary English and language arts students must obtain at least 19 hours of educational requirements within the English and language arts departments.
  • Those who will specialize in mathematics, history, or science must obtain at least 32 hours of semester study, in which at least 19 of those semester hours must be in their specific educational field.

Once a student has completed the above mentioned education requirements for themselves, the second step to becoming a teacher in Alabama includes obtaining teacher preparation. This usually is a combination of fieldwork and curricula training, which includes foundational skills and preparing students to implement their skills. The fieldwork aspect of the educational requirements often include student teaching, where the teacher works with a licensed teacher in the field for at least a semester. Student teaching is just like an internship for the individual who hopes to become a teacher.

Once all of this is obtained, the student may sit for the necessary testing. In the state of Alabama, individuals must satisfactorily complete the Basic Skill Test and the Subject Area Competence assessments that they may need. These are state provided tests, which are managed under the state's board of education. Once these tests are passed, the individual then can become certified.

In the state of Alabama, alternative certification is an option. This means that if the individual has a graduate level degree from an accredited college, but not in education, they may be able to obtain a teaching certificate.

To become a teacher in Alabama, the first step is to obtain the necessary education and teaching internship. From here, students need to sit for an exam to obtain their certificate. In addition, the Alabama State Board of Education conducts full background checks to ensure that the individuals are able to provide the services of a teacher within the state. Do note that these teaching requirements may change from time to time, depending on the laws of the state.

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