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If you are hoping to become a teacher in Delaware, the good news is that there is a demand here. The Delaware Department of Education has a very specific set of requirements for individuals to follow to become a teacher within the state. All teachers must be certified to provide services. If you are a licensed teacher outside of Delaware, you may be able to transfer your educational certificate to the Delaware Department of Education.

Hold a Bachelor's Degree?

For those that may already hold a bachelor's degree in a field outside of education, it may be possible for you to obtain alternative certification. This means that you may not have to meet all of the requirements listed below to become a teacher. However, each case is different and it is up to the Delaware Department of Education to determine if you will be able to qualify for the teacher certificate.

Teacher Coursework

In the state of Delaware, there are specific requirements for students to complete. First of all, you must enroll in an accredited college or university to obtain your education. Your goal should be to obtain at least a bachelor's of education or a related field. You can pursue additional degrees (and this is encouraged as a continuing education requirement).

The state of Delaware does not have specific requirements for undergraduate studies, like other states do. However, you do need to do whatever it takes to earn your bachelor's degree through the accredited school's program.

Teacher Preparation

The next step in the process of becoming a teacher in Delaware involves attending a required teacher preparation course. Generally, this is part of your coursework requirement by the school you obtain your degree through. It is a form of work study in which you will work hand in hand with a certified teacher to learn the ins and outs of a classroom. You will first obtain instruction on foundational knowledge and skills, as well as the arts and sciences, in order to research then design and later implement a curriculum.

The teacher preparation portion of your education will also include student teaching. Student teachers work in a classroom with a certified teacher for approximately a semester using a curriculum that they have created. This allows for the student to learn hands-on training in the daily classroom process.

Teacher Testing

The state of Delaware does require students to take a basic skills test called the Pre Professional Skills Test. This test is obtained through the Delaware Department of Education. The test is only available to students who have met all other requirements listed above first. In addition, most teachers will also need to complete the Praxis II Subject Tests, based on their area of specialization.

Once you have completed this list of requirements, you can then fill out an application with the Delaware Department of Education and submit it along with the required fee to obtain your teacher certification. The state does require continuing education of all of their teachers.

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