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To become a teacher in Idaho, individuals need to obtain the necessary educational requirements. The Idaho State Department of Education mandates what specific requirements teachers must fulfill in order obtain their teacher's certificate. It is important to note that these requirements may change from time to time and they may be different for private and parochial schools, which may have more stringent requirements. These are the bare minimum requirements for all teachers in the state of Idaho.

Teacher Coursework Requirements

The first step in the process is to select the proper education. Those who will work in the education industry will need to enroll in a post secondary education facility (a college or a university) and they must obtain at least a bachelor's degree through an educational program of study. Not all schools qualify. Select those that are accredited through the state first. The state does not require any specific undergraduate credit hour requirements to be met, unlike other states. However, formal completion of a bachelor's degree in education is required before moving on.

Teacher Preparation Requirements

The state of Idaho also has a requirement that all individuals enroll in a teacher education program called teacher preparation. This program provides the knowledge and skill training that the teacher will need on the job. They learn how to research, develop, and implement curriculums and lessons. This is a formal level of training initially.

From this point, the student is then required to file work-study time. This includes at least a semester's worth of student teaching. This on-the-job training allows the teacher to teach in front of a classroom. They will develop a lesson plan and execute it. This program is done under the aid of a trained and licensed teacher.

Alternative Certification

In some situations, it is possible to avoid the formal educational requirements of obtaining your Idaho teacher's certificate. If you are a graduate from an accredited school, and hold at least a bachelor's level of degree in a non-educational program, you may qualify for an alternative training certificate. This program is only available for those who meet specific requirements. You will need to meet the requirements for the ABCTE certification from the state of Idaho.

Teacher Testing Requirements

All individuals must complete the required educational requirements listed above. They then must sit for the Praxis II Subject area tests, which are for specialized areas. There is not a basic skills test associated with the state of Idaho.

Once you have completed and passed all required requirements and tests, you can then fill out a detailed application with the Idaho State Department of Education. This application also involves background screening and a drug test. Once you have completed all aspects, submit the application along with the application fee to the Idaho State Department of Education. You should receive your certification as long as there are no complications or missing information. In the state of Idaho, teachers are required to maintain their teaching certificate and continuing education may be necessary depending on your area of expertise.

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