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To become a teacher in the state of Kentucky, individuals need to meet the requirements set forth by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. This board currently requires that students meet specific educational goals, have the necessary teacher preparation, and complete the necessary testing. Teachers will be required to maintain their teaching certifications through continued education after they have received their certification as well. The only way to obtain and hold a job as a teacher within the state (private, parochial, or public education) is to have an active teacher's certification.

Obtaining a Kentucky Teacher's Education

The first step in becoming a teacher in the state of Kentucky is to have the necessary education to qualify for a bachelor's degree in education. Students must obtain a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university within the state to qualify for this certification. In addition, they must also meet specific requirements based on the type of education they plan to teach. These undergraduate credit hour requirements are specialization specific and include:

  • 30 semester hours of coursework in any major area of academic concentration for elementary education.
  • For secondary language arts and English training, students must have at least 30 semester hours of coursework completed within any area of concentration within the program.
  • For secondary mathematics, students must have at least 30 semester credit hours of student in any major within the mathematics sector.
  • A secondary science program specialization requires at least 30 semester credit hours within any specialized science area.
  • A secondary history and social studies teacher must obtain at least 30 semester credit hours worth of coursework within any specialization within the history department.

Teacher Preparation

Teachers will also need to obtain teacher preparation with a combination of curricular training and on-the-job training. The goal here is for the student teacher to learn how to research and develop the curriculum, lesson plans, and educational goals of the classroom. They also then need to implement this through teaching. Students are required to work as a student teacher for at least a semester. During this time they will observe and then teach within the classroom. The underlying goal is to ensure that the student has the ability to perform within the classroom. Throughout this process, a certified teacher will be in place to monitor and comment on the student teacher's abilities.

Teacher Testing Requirements

The state of Kentucky does require for students to sit for the require testing to become licensed as a teacher. This testing requirement includes the Basic Skills Test called the Pre Professional Skills Test or PPST. In addition, students must also sit for the Praxis II in their area of specialization (if they specialize). The successful passing of both of these tests will allow for the student to qualify for their teacher's certification.

In order to obtain that certification, the teacher must make a formal application through the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. This process requires that all documentation, plus drug and background screening to be submitted to officially certify the teacher.

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