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Becoming a teacher in Maryland is possible for those who complete the necessary requirements to obtain their teaching certificate. In Maryland, students need to meet specific educational, preparation, and testing requirements in order to apply for their teaching certificate. More so, they need to follow the specific guidelines set forth by the Maryland State Department of Education in order to accomplish this. However, these goals are not too rigorous.

Maryland Teacher Education Requirements

The state does require for all teachers who apply for a teacher's certificate to have specific educational requirements. All teachers must have at least a bachelor's level degree in education. Although it is not a requirement to obtain a teacher's certificate in the state, it is encouraged that the student has an area of focus, or a specialization, in their degree. In addition, continuing education requirements encourage students to obtain their master's degree in education within a few years of teaching in the workplace.

There are not specific undergraduate requirements for teachers in Maryland to obtain, but they must be enrolled in an accredited school and have passed all of that school's undergraduate requirements in order to obtain the bachelor's degree in education.

Maryland Teacher Preparation

Like most other states, Maryland also requires that teachers go through a teacher preparation program. An accredited teachers association must administer this. It is usually done through the college or university's educational department (where you obtained your education from).

The teacher preparation element of education requires the student to obtain to receive both instructional as well as work-study aspects. The goal is to teach the student how to research, develop, and later implement curriculum and lesson plans within the school's classroom. The initial phase is done through the school. Then, the student will spend a semester (or more) in the classroom with a certified teacher. They specifically work to observe the teacher and will then take on the role of student teacher. This helps to ensure that the student has the necessary skills to work within a classroom.

Teacher Testing

After all coursework and education have been completed, the student is then able to sit for the state's required basic skills testing. In the state of Maryland, students must sit for the Pre Professional Skills Test, or PPST. They will likely also sit for the Praxis II Subject Test as well, for any areas of specialization that they may have. Though not required, this area is specifically becoming important for teachers at all levels.

Alternative Certification

The state of Maryland does issue alternative certification to those who qualify for it. In order to qualify, you must meet specific requirements within your education. You must have at least a bachelor's level of education from an approved college or university. In addition, the type of education plays a role in if you qualify. Contact the Maryland State Department of Education to find out if you meet these qualifications.

Once all of these requirements are met, individuals can then submit an application to obtain a teacher's certification through the state.

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