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In the state of Minnesota, those who wish to become teachers must meet with the Minnesota Department of Education's requirements. Although these requirements are standardized, they may change from time to time. All students who wish to become teachers must obtain a teacher's certification. This certification is only available to those who complete the required educational training, teacher preparation, sit, and pass the required testing requirements administered by the department of education.

All teachers in the state must have an active teacher's certificate in order to teach within schools. This certificate is necessary for public, parochial, and private school education. Some private schools may require teachers to have additional education but the state minimums are listed below.

Alternative Certification

The process listed below is specific to those who are enrolling in post-secondary education to obtain their teacher's certificate. If you are already a graduate with a bachelor's degree in a state accredited school, the Minnesota Department of Education does allow for alternative certification. However, these requirements are based on the type of education you have and must be approved by the department of education.

Teacher Education Requirements

In order to become a teacher within the state of Minnesota, individuals must have at least a bachelor's degree in education. Though no specific educational degree is mandated, the school must be accredited by the state and you must successfully complete all undergraduate course hour requirements within that bachelor's degree in education to qualify for your teacher's certification. The state does not list specific undergraduate coursework hours necessary, nor does it mandate specialization, though this is encouraged.

Teacher Preparation

The state does require all teachers to obtain teacher preparation, which is a process that teachers use to teach knowledge and skills to form a foundation for their education. The goal is to teach students how to develop and implement curriculum within the school environment. In addition, students will learn the necessary skills for managing the classroom and handling lesson plans.

Once the instructional portion of the teacher preparation has been completed, the student then will enter into the work-study portion of the program. During this portion of the process, the student will enter the classroom to observe a certified teacher. From there, they will then move into student teaching for at least a quarter. The student will successfully complete this portion of their education when they complete the teacher preparation guidelines.

Teacher Testing

Once you successfully complete the educational and preparation aspects listed above, teachers will then move into the portion of their requirement to complete the basic skills test. This is the Pre Professional Skills Test or PPST. In addition, most students will also be required to obtain passage of a subject area competence test, which is administered through the Praxis II.

Once you have successfully completed all necessary guidelines listed above, and passed the necessary testing, the student can then submit an application with the Minnesota Department of Education. This process will also require successful passing of a background screening and drug testing.

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