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To become a teacher in Montana, you will need to fulfill a number of requirements that are necessary to be able to teach in the state. You will need to have a degree from a four-year full accredited institution as well as the passing of the two Praxis tests. You will also need to fulfill any required work outside of the classroom such as student teaching and observations of a teacher. Each level and specific course of study has their own requirements necessary to become a teacher for those specific classes.

Elementary Education

In order to receive this endorsement on your teaching license you will need to fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Complete a teaching major or minor
  • 40 credits in an extended major
  • 30 credits in an approved major
  • 20 credits in an approved minor

You will also need the college to make a recommendation to the department of education in order to receive this on your license.

In order to receive the certification and the endorsement that is required for any of the secondary school courses, which are math, English, science, and history you will need to complete one of the following as well as receive a recommendation from your four-year accredited school to be able to receive your endorsement and certification to teach those specific classes.

  • Complete a teaching major or minor with an emphasis on the course of study you wish to teach
  • 40 credits in the extended major you wish to teach
  • 30 credits in the approved major that are to teach
  • 20 credits in the approved minor you are to teach

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of your choice, you will be eligible to receive the endorsement as well as the certification necessary to teach the class and to become a full-time teacher in Montana.

In order to become a teacher in Montana, your degree will need to come from an approved four-year institution that is approved by the state's department of education. On average, a teacher in Montana will make $37,000 per year and will receive 15 weeks of vacation per year. In order to receive tenure as a teacher you will need to be in teaching for three years to be eligible.

Alternative Certification

The state of Montana does offer reciprocity with some states and you will need to contact the department of education to determine if your current situation is eligible to fulfill the necessary requirements as you are trying to become a teacher. If you have a degree in something other than education, you can still teach in Montana as long as you fulfill the requirements of the Department of Education. The first requirement that the department will have is for you to be able to produce a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and be able to pass the Praxis tests.

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