New Hampshire: Teacher Credentialing in New Hampshire

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When it comes to being able to get a certification in the state of New Hampshire, you will need to look at all of the different schools that offer an education program and certification in order to receive teaching credentials for the state. The only real requirement that the state of New Hampshire has in order for you to become a teacher is to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year school. As a teacher you will also be required to take and pass two tests to allow you to receive your teaching certificate in the state.


In essence you will simply need to complete a four-year program of study at any accredited higher learning institution. It is best to have a focus on education and to major in the subject area you would like to teach so as to allow a mastery of the skill and the material you will need to cover for the students you will be teaching. You are able to use a bachelor's degree from anywhere in the United States to allow you to teach in New Hampshire and you will not be required to have a certain amount of class hours for the subject matter you will be teaching.

The Praxis Test

This is known as the Praxis II and it is a test to determine if you are competent in the area you would like to be an educator in. Here you will take a series of tests to determine if you know the subject matter you would like to provide to the students as well as if you can relay that information to the students in the classroom.

Basic Skills Test

This is the Praxis I test and will be used to determine if you are classroom ready before simply allowing you to have a certificate and to try to teach the students. Here it will look at methods and communication ability of you as a teacher.

Points about Teaching in New Hampshire

In order to become a fully tenured teacher in the state, you will need to work in a school system for three years. This is after receiving certification from the New Hampshire Department of Education that will allow you to teach in the state. The average teacher will make approximately $48,000 annually with about 15 weeks of vacation that they are eligible to have each year. There are alternative means to getting a certificate in the state of New Hampshire.

Alternative Certification

In New Hampshire you can apply for a teaching certificate if you are a member of ABCTE or the American Board of Certified Teacher Excellence. Here you will be able to use this to ease your way into becoming a teacher in the state without having to go through a lot of headaches and hassles you could be facing. Use this certification to allow you to easily apply for teaching positions in the state and to make it easier to get in.

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