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While some might think North Carolina is behind the ranks when it comes to education, quite the opposite is true. In fact they are moving at a steady pace through the ranks regarding state assessments, student achievements, and teacher accountability. These advancements are being noticed by those who matter, the public and governmental officials who have the power to increase funding to the public education fund. This in turn is a step toward increasing the salaries of both teachers and administrative staff. The average teacher salary in North Carolina is currently $43,348 giving it a ranking of 27. This is rather remarkable when you think of the lower cost of living in North Carolina compared to some of the other states in the United States. They are also working toward providing different ways for teachers to increase their salaries.

North Carolina's recently issued National Board Certifications were among the highest in the nation. Obtaining this certification is quite difficult and includes an abundance of prerequisites applicants must meet before they can even begin the application process. There is an excellent benefit for the teacher who is able to meet these requirements and proves to be excellent in their profession: each will receive a supplement increase in his or her salary of twelve percent. On the other hand new teachers looking for certification in North Carolina must meet the following requirements:

  • Must possess a bachelor's degree and complete a teacher certification program
  • Must completely understand the foundations that exist regarding current reforms, teaching methods and theories, technological integration, decision making skills that are data-driven rather than based on manual observations and methods, leadership ethics, resource management, and more

Obtaining an advanced degree will not only help you qualify for board certification but it will also provide an immediate increase in salary as well. Possessing a master's degree will not only increase your chances of success as a teacher in North Carolina but will assure that you earn the highest salary to which you are entitled.

The many experienced teachers and administrators within these school districts have reached many goals and achievements over the past few years and deserve commendations for these accomplishments. The stringent requirements North Carolina has set for its teachers have allowed students to increase their potential and achievements compared to other states and even those that previously existed within North Carolina itself. On the other hand, there are a great many goals yet to be set, and the administrators and board of education expect all educators to continue working toward higher goals. As the demand for experienced and qualified teachers, North Carolina is busy increasing standards and expectations for its teachers.

North Carolina not only supports the need for highly qualified educators, it actively compensates those who gain skills and experience with advanced degrees. When teachers take the time to continue learning and pursuing the knowledge that will make them more qualified, they will be compensated accordingly. This additional certification is what helps provide North Carolina's students with a higher level of achievement and test scores than in previous years.

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