North Dakota: Teacher Credentialing in North Dakota

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When looking toward the future of education, though North Dakota teachers only earn an average of $36,449 annually, second from the bottom for average salaries across the nation, it should not be considered a bad point for the state. The other thing to consider is that North Dakota is one of the three cheapest states in which to live which compensates for the lower salaries for its teachers. This does not account for an increase in teacher shortages by any means—in fact, the salaries in North Dakota are higher than those of surrounding states with the exception of South Dakota. This certainly does not mean salaries in North Dakota should not be higher, but it does mean it's a great option for those who are looking forward to becoming teachers since there doesn't appear to be a large turnover in spite of the lower salaries.

Today is a great time for teachers who are interested in pursuing a career in North Dakota. There are many excellent mentoring programs that help new teachers gain experience without becoming overwhelmed by their new surroundings and obligations. These mentoring programs and their monetary incentives are designed to retain highly qualified educators with advanced degrees, a move that will become more aggressive in order to hire more highly qualified new teachers in the future. In order to keep up with the rest of the country regarding student achievement, assessment, and accountability of its teachers, it will need to continue providing various incentives to compensate teacher excellence. This is excellent news for those teachers who have the desire and motivation to learn how they can achieve the highest level of achievement in their profession.

Those who are currently educators in the state of North Dakota are very high on the scale when it comes to providing quality in teaching. This doesn't mean there will be any reduced effort on the part of administrators to maintain excellence in their teachers. The need for excellence will continue and thus allow the state to maintain the excellence that is so important to teachers and students in North Dakota, thus showing that salaries are not the most important part of a teacher's priority.

In order to obtain teacher certification in North Dakota you will need to meet all of the prerequisites. Those requirements include the following:

  • A bachelor's degree
  • Professional development coursework based on the level of certification for which you are applying
  • Must have completed an accredited teacher education program

Applicants who have college degrees that are not in education or those who have not yet earned a teaching certificate can receive an alternative teaching certificate in order to meet certain requirements. Information on this alternative certification will be available soon. The teacher education programs usually involve both fieldwork and curricula that include instruction in such areas as instruction on knowledge and skills, learning the art and science of teaching, and preparing students to conduct research, design, and utilize their learning experiences within their study areas. The fieldwork portion may include observations in the field, student teaching, and an internship.

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