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The average salary of teachers in Ohio is $48,692 annually ranking it 14th on the list of average salaries. For Ohio this is a step up from the previous year when it was in 15th place. Because of its fairly low cost of living, this salary is a rather attractive nine-month working wage and one of the best in the nation for educators. Higher salaries in areas that have lower costs of living are indicative of a positive perception of quality education. These higher salaries bring in more qualified teachers and thus the quality of education is maintained.

One of the easiest ways to become a licensed teacher in Ohio is to graduate from an accredited college or university that offers a teacher preparation program. In addition to having a license to teach in Ohio, you also need to enroll in a mentoring program. The mentoring programs are designed to help new teachers learn the things they need in order to become excellent teachers. It also helps prevent them from becoming overwhelmed with all of the new duties they must assume as new teachers.

At the completion of your education in a teacher preparation program that is approved by the state of Ohio, your school will make a recommendation on your behalf to the Ohio Department of Education so you can obtain your license to teach. At that time you will be enrolled in the Entry Year Teacher Program. This program performs several functions including supporting and educating new teachers as well as preparing them to successfully complete the Praxis III assessment. After you have completed the requirements you will be issued a five-year professional license as a fully credentialed Ohio teacher. Of course, before you can walk down the path of credentialing, you will need to find a position as a teacher in Ohio.

At the completion of your credentialing process and having gained experience teaching in Ohio, it will be necessary for you to renew your professional license every five years. During your first renewal period it will be necessary for you to create a Professional Development Plan. In the scope of this plan you will need to complete six semester hours of college courses that are equivalent to eighteen continuing education unit credits. Requirements for the second renewal period include the possession of a master's degree or thirty hours of graduate coursework at an accredited college or university. Each five-year renewal period thereafter requires the teacher to complete six semester hours or courses, or eighteen CEUs.

The requirements for continued licensing in the state of Ohio may seem stringent to those future teachers who feel they will graduate from college, obtain a teaching position, and no longer need to continue their education. However, it's important to remember the importance of always having the most current information for students, and a teacher can only accomplish this if he or she continues the learning process. A good teacher always adheres to the most current teaching methods and always has the most current information.

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