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In 2005 Oregon had an average teacher's salary of $48,330 making it 15th in the national rankings. It has a relatively low cost of living which should actually place it higher on the scale than 15th place. This information should not come as a surprise to anyone when you look at the many highly educated cities you can find in Oregon. Experts believe Oregon will continue to achieve fame as one of the top states for educational funding for many years in the future.

The starting pay for Oregon teachers is only one of the many benefits that draw new teachers to the state. The support and mentoring programs that have become part of the overall teaching program have created an educational system that goes beyond excellence. The educational requirements for both new and old teachers ascertain that every teacher within the Oregon school system is highly qualified and remains up to date on all teaching methods and educational resources. The additional education not only helps the teachers with their careers but helps them prepare to make a difference in their communities as well.

Experienced teachers and administrators have helped develop a significant amount of support for the educational system. However, these leadership roles are constantly in need of new faces as people retire or obtain other positions elsewhere in education. Oregon's public school system needs people who are highly educated and qualified with proven records of educational success to continue holding the torch. Oregon is in need of those educators who wish to make sure these programs continue to help both new and seasoned teachers, and they are seeking those with master's degrees, PhD, or administrative credential certification from accredited colleges or universities.

In addition to licensing requirements such as approved academic and professional preparation and teaching experience as defined by the Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Rules for Licensure of Teachers, Personnel Specialists and Administrators, there is also a test requirement. Oregon law requires an educator to hold the appropriate license before he or she begins employment in a public school or Education Service District. The minimum scores for licensing are set by the TSPC. In order to take the CBEST you must have at minimum a high school diploma or GED or the equivalent for those who are or have been taking colleges courses in preparation for a career in education.

Applicants are exempt from taking the CBEST if they meeting one of the following criteria:

  • The applicant holds an Oregon license of one type and is seeking to obtain an initial license of a different type.
  • The applicant is able to provide proof he or she completed a regional doctoral degree.
  • The applicant achieves a passing score on the NTE Core Battery Test of Communication Skills and General Knowledge or the Praxis I.
  • Applicants that are requesting licensing in Oregon who have completed an approved teacher educational program in another state or hold a license from another state in the areas of full-time teaching, school counselor, school psychologist, or administration. These individuals may apply for a three-year Transitional License. It is not necessary for them to take the CBEST for the Transitional License but it is mandatory prior to issuance of the Initial License.

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