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South Carolina was ranked 29th in the nation for average teacher salaries in 2005. Even at only $42,207 the state has kept up with inflation and has shown its desire and ability to be more focused on education than other states within the United States. This trend is important in order to assure the future of education within the state. It's essential for the future leaders of the state to have access to a solid and supportive educational system.

New teachers in South Carolina begin at a higher salary than many entry-level positions in other occupations within the state. Forecasts for the future indicate that teacher salaries should continue to increase as long as those within the educational areas of South Carolina provide the public with valid reasons for supporting it. Teachers need to play a role in this as well by increasing their qualifications through higher degrees. Those teachers with higher degrees are more efficient and effective in the classroom and as a result they receive higher compensation packages. Not only do they receive higher compensation but they also receive more public support as they are commended and encouraged to go for master's or PhD degrees.

Administrators in the state of South Carolina are hard working and well worth the salaries they earn. What this means for new people attempting to enter the administrative end of education is they will face some stiff competition and will need to prove their worth in order to just get a foot into the door. To beat the competition you will need to hold an advanced degree from an accredited college and prove your effectiveness in the classroom. The advanced degree itself will show you have the skills that are necessary for you to be an effective leader and the knowledge that is required to help with the progress of public education in South Carolina.

Highly experienced teachers and administrators are needed in South Carolina in order to make way for future generations. You not only have the opportunity to secure a more satisfying salary, but you can also create mobility within your career. There are many enticing compensation packages in South Carolina for those who earn a master's or PhD in the field of education.

For initial certification in South Carolina you must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the appropriate degree and certification requirements for the area of certification
  • Pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching – alternate route applicants are exempt from this requirement
  • Pass the appropriate Praxis II tests based upon the area of certification
  • Submit the appropriate certification form along with fees

All applicants who enter a teacher preparation program must take the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests.

Applicants who possess a valid standard certificate that was issued by another state, a U.S. territory, or the Department of Defense Dependents Schools are eligible for South Carolina certification under the reciprocity agreement. They must still submit an application packet. These applications do not need to take the content tests in order to obtain licensing. They may, however, need to take the tests in order to meet federal No Child Left Behind Act requirements for "highly qualified" teachers.

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