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In order to be able to teach in the state of Washington, you will need to start by getting a bachelor's degree in education from an accredited four-year school that has approval by the state. Since there are many different schools and degree programs within the state make sure to look and verify the one you are in has approval and that you are fulfilling all of the requirements in order to be able to get the certification and to get the job you are looking to get. Make sure to look at and understand all of your options as well as to ensure you are certified.


In the state of Washington you will not be required to take a certain number of credit hours in order to get a certificate to teach in the state. You can in fact get your certificate without completing a degree program in education if you so choose. You will need to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited school, however, to be able to qualify for a certificate.


There are two sets of tests that will be required of you to be able to get your teaching certificate in Washington. You will need to take a battery of tests that will assess your basic skills as a teacher as well as needing to take a series of tests that will test your knowledge and competence on the specific subject matter for which you are applying to teach.


As a teacher in all likelihood you will need to complete any or all of the following to qualify for a certificate: student teaching, observations, and an internship. All or some of these will need to be completed to provide true on-the-job training to you as a prospective teacher in the state. You will need to look at all of the options and see where it is you will get this work done before attempting.


Washington will recognize the work of teachers in many of the other states and will accept the certificates that you have received. You may need to go through testing simply to verify your expertise as well as to provide an assessment of salary to offer. You will need to research and see what all of the specific requirements are to get your certificate from another state accepted.

Alternative Certification

In order to get the job as a teacher in Washington without actually completeing the regular course of study you will need to use the alternative certification. This is what is required of students who completed a bachelor's degree at an accredited institution but did not major in education. In order to be able to do this you will need to contact the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Once you have done this you will have set the wheels in motion and will then be able to work towards getting your teaching certificate through the tests and other requirements of the state.

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