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When you are looking to become a teacher in Wisconsin you will need to complete a four-year degree program at an accredited college or university. It will need to be a four-year program and in all likelihood will need to be with a major in education to be able to secure a certificate and to allow you to teach in the state.


In the state of Wisconsin, you will not need to have a specific number of credit hours in a field of study when you are looking to get your teaching certificate. You will simply need to complete your four-year bachelor's degree at an accredited and approved institution by the state. You will need to look at and make sure you are in an approved program and you will be able to get your certification done and receive approval by the state upon graduation.


You will need to complete a series of activities that includes student teaching, observations, and the completion of assessments. You will need to do these while either still in school or near graduation. You will need to look at all of the options and make sure to fulfill all of the requirements that are out there to be completed as required by the state to receive a certificate.


There are many states from which Wisconsin will accept the certificate that is required in another state to be used in Wisconsin. You will need to make sure you talk to the state department of education in order to see if you will need to do anything else to be able to teach in the state so you can begin to work immediately.


You will be required to take a full set of the Praxis tests to be able to see if you are able to teach in Wisconsin. One set of tests will determine if you have the skills required to teach in a classroom setting and if you will be able to educate the children of the state. The second set of tests will be used to see if you are able to teach the subject matter you are looking to teach. It will assess if you have the knowledge and the skills required to teach the subject and information required of the class.

Other Information

If you are teaching in Wisconsin the average salary is $50,000 depending on the level of school you will be teaching. You will also receive about 15 weeks of vacation per year as a teacher in the state. In order to be eligible for tenure you will need three years of experience at a minimum.

Alternative Certification

If you do not have a certificate in education from a four-year institution there are other ways to be able to get a teaching certificate in the state. You will need to contact the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and they will be able to provide you with all of the information and details necessary to get your certificate.

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