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To become a teacher in the state of Wyoming, individuals need to first obtain the necessary educational requirements and follow this with teacher preparation and finally testing. In the state of Wyoming, the requirements to becoming a teacher in the state are specific. Individuals must first meet these specific requirements before they can obtain a teacher's certification. This certification is required to work in any public or private school within the state. Teachers must maintain their teacher certification as well, through continued education and applications.

Teacher Education

All teachers must obtain a bachelor's degree in education to obtain their teacher's certification. There are no specific requirements for what type of educational degree the teacher obtains. It does not have to have a specialization (science, art, elementary education, secondary education, etc.) though the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board does require that the education is obtained throughout an accredited state-approved college or university.

Unlike other states, Wyoming does not require individuals to have any specific undergraduate credit hour specifications. However, students do have to meet the specifics of the bachelor's degree (which has been state approved).

Teacher Preparation

The Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board does require for all students to enroll in teacher preparation through an approved and accredited teacher education program. This program has the goal of providing the soon-to-be teacher with the foundation of their skills and knowledge. The key is to teach teachers how to work in a classroom setting. This is very much a type of internship that is required under the state's law. Students will learn how to research and develop and later implement a curriculum and lesson plans. They will learn how to perform any specialized skills necessary (such as teaching art or science) and they will learn how to work within the confines of a board of education.

Once the student completes the instructional portion of this program, they will then move into the work study portion. In this portion, the student will be observing within a classroom. They will then develop lesson plans and student teach within the classroom setting. This is all completed under the guidance of a certified teacher.

Alternative Certification

In Wyoming, those who have a degree in a non-educational field (of at least a bachelor's level) may be able to obtain an alternative certification. This does allow the individual to teach within a classroom, after they have received all other training. However, they may not have to repeat the educational requirements. Alternative certification is given only to those with an accredited bachelor's degree and who meet other qualifications.

Teacher Testing

Once the teacher has completed all required educational elements, the individual must sit for the basic skills testing. The Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board requires that all upcoming teachers sit for the Pre Professional Skills Test or PPST. In addition, the Praxis II 30524 or the 10011 is required for all elementary teachers.

Once you have accomplished this level of training and passed the necessary tests, you can apply for your teacher's certification.

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