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Technology Education

An accredited, non-profit, distance education school serving North Dakota provides online middle and high school classes for students in grades 6-12. In addition to regular classes, the school offers credit recovery courses for students who have failed a class and Advanced Placement classes.

The Center for Digital Education, a national research and advisory institute for education, ranked North Dakota 31st among the states for its practices and policies for creating quality online learning environments and successful technology education initiatives.

North Dakota participates in the High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium, which supports schools in working with technology in learning environments. Among the resources offered are a tool to help teachers create interactive online presentations, a tool for districts to use to assess technology expertise, and networking for teachers to share their experiences with technology.

Technology education and information technology were teacher shortage areas in North Dakota for 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. Teachers in those areas may qualify for student loan reduction and cancellation and other considerations as incentives to taking teaching positions in the state in those disciplines.

Teacher's Aides

North Dakota is one of twelve states that have standards for paraprofessionals that exceed federal requirements. According to the National Council of Education Statistics, North Dakota schools employed 1,876 instructional aides in 2006-2007. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the mean annual wage of North Dakota teacher assistants was $26,560 in May 2008.

Various postsecondary programs provide options for teacher's aides and other paraprofessionals to meet the No Child Left Behind certification requirements. One such program emphasizes math, reading, and writing. Some programs offer online and campus options.

Curriculum and Instruction

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for instructional coordinators in North Dakota in May 2008 was $50,890.

The North Dakota Curriculum Initiative (NDCI) provides professional development opportunities for curriculum administrators and teachers in public and non-public schools in North Dakota. Like many states, North Dakota is working to align curriculum, standards, instruction, and assessment.

Educational Managers

According to the National Council of Education Statistics, North Dakota schools employed 393 school administrators in 2006-2007. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the annual mean wage for preschool and childcare administrators was $35,150 in May 2008. For administrators in elementary and secondary schools, the mean was $72,160.

The North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders protects the interests of educational leaders, making them known in educational matters in the state. The North Dakota Association of School Administrators seeks to provide excellence in educational leadership, to improve funding for elementary and secondary education, and to bring together the state's educational managers.

The North Dakota Leadership & Educational Administration Development (ND LEAD) is a nonprofit organization that helps develop excellent leaders for North Dakota schools. The LEAD Center offers professional development opportunities to public and nonpublic school leaders and people preparing to become leaders in education.

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