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National College Fellowships for Educators

There are hundreds of college fellowships for educators all over the country that award funding to teachers in grades K-12. Below is a list of fellowship and scholarship programs for teachers that provide additional funding for teaching resources, research, and education reform.

  • Distinguished Teachers in the Arts Program The purpose of this fellowship is to reward two educators who have made lasting and profound impacts on their students while teaching the arts. The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts selects two teachers who are invited to attend a week long arts conference in Miami, FL. The Coca-Cola Company pays all expenses and provides each teacher with a $1,000 stipend. The teachers are selected by their students.http://www.nfaa.org/distinguishedteachers/dis_teachers.htm


  • Leavey Awards for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education This fellowship awards up to $7,500 to twenty educators who provide students with a deeper understanding of the enterprise and free market system of business in the United States. One award of $15,000 is awarded to the top applicant. Any person employed full time as a K-12 teacher or full time staff or faculty member at an American accredited college may apply. http://ffvf.org


  • Above and Beyond Awards This program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Software and Internet Council. The awards are given to encourage best practices to be developed in teaching middle school math and science. The program awards up to twenty $1,000 scholarships for classroom use and four $10,000 stipends for teachers to research develop and implement their curriculum across the state and country.http://www.msicouncil.org/ed_workforce/education_foundation.asp


  • Award for the Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education The purpose of this award is to encourage and promote excellent doctoral level research that contributes to the improvement of teacher and learning. The award is sponsored by the Association of Teacher Educators. The winner receives a monetary award and recognition. The professor that directed the dissertation also receives special recognition. Any person who has completed a doctoral dissertation at an accredited college or university within the past two years is eligible.http://www.ate1.org/pubs/Distinguished_Diss.cfm


  • Award for the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education This fellowship award recognizes teaching programs that successfully operate through the collaboration between local agencies and institutions of higher education to develop programs and administration. The award is designed to facilitate cooperation and innovation by bridging the gap between industry and education. The award is sponsored by the Association of Teacher Educators. http://www.ate1.org/pubs/Distinguished_Prog.cfm
  • Best Practice Awards Messiah College sponsors this national fellowship program and awards four outstanding educators that show leadership and collaboration skills within their service learning programs. Three winners receive $10,000 each.http://www.messiah.edu/boyer_center/basic_school/bestawards.shtml


  • Closing the Achievement Gap The recipients of this fellowship work with families, businesses, institutions of higher learning, community based organizations, and government agencies to close the achievement gap. The winners will use the funding to increase graduation and retention rates, research best practices and innovation, empower teachers and administrators, and strengthen partnerships between educators and the private sector.http://www.neafoundation.org/programs/closingthegap.htm


  • Foundation for Exceptional Children Mini-grant Awards Mini-grant awards are given to those teachers who have used innovative and successful programs to benefit gifted and talented students or students with disabilities. The grant program awards 5-10 $500 awards on an annual basis.http://yesican.sped.org/minigrants/


  • ING Unsung Heroes Awards Program The ING Unsung Heroes program has awarded well over $2 million to deserving educators in the public and private K-12 system. 100 teachers receive awards of $2,000 while three winners from that group are selected to receive awards of $25,000, $10,000 and $5,000 for future education projects. To be eligible for the program enrollees can be educators, teachers, principles, paraprofessionals and classified staff. http://www.ing-sa.com/us/about/connect/education/unsung_heroes.html


  • IRA John Chorlton Manning Public School Service Award This award is sponsored by the National Reading Association and is in honor of Professor John Chorlton Manning. The award is open to college and university instructors who help prepare the next generation of reading teachers and graduate students. Winners of the fellowship award receive $10,000. http://www.reading.org/association/awards/teachers_manning.html


  • The National Academy of Education Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship The recipient of this award will receive $55,000 for one academic year of research or $27,500 for two years of half-time research that promotes improvement of education in the United States and abroad. Applicants can be from any discipline as long as their research is related to education. This fellowship is sponsored by the National Academy of Education. http://www.nae.nyu.edu/spencer/


  • National Association for Gifted Children Hollingworth Award This competition is for any school, organization, educational institution or individual that present proposals for research projects on the topic of gifted and talented students. The program is eligible for educational administrators, instructors, graduate students and most other professionals. Institutions and organizations may also apply. The minimum award is $2,500.http://www.nagc.org/


  • Children’s Literature Association Faculty Research Grants This program sponsored by the Children’s Literature Association provide research grants for teachers who submit proposals in the area of children’s literature scholarship and criticism. Funds may be used towards purchasing materials, travel to conferences, but may not be used towards tuition or textbook writing. Applicants must be members of the Children’s Literature Association to accept the funds should they win. http://chla.wikispaces.com


  • NCTE Donald H. Graves Writing Award This fellowship is sponsored by The National Council of Teachers of English. The award is eligible to educators who have made an impact on children in regards to teaching writing. To be eligible to win the $2,000 cash award teachers must submit three of their student’s writing portfolios showing their improvement as well as submit an essay of their own of 2,000 words on their thoughts about writing, teaching and learning. http://www.ncte.org/about/awards/sect/elem/106852.htm


  • The James Bryant Conant Fellowship Fund The James Bryant Fellowship is named after the former Harvard University President. Applicants must attend Harvard Graduate School should they win the fellowship that covers one year of full-time tuition. The fellowship may be renewed for one more year. The committee may choose to award more than one fellowship per year if there are multiple deserving applicants. Fellows must work in their school district for a minimum of one year after they receive their advanced degree. http://www.gse.harvard.edu/schoolpartnerships/conant.htm