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Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and InstructionIf you really want to make a your mark in the field of education, become a designer of curriculums. It takes a lot of patience, research, and imagination, but you will learn the most effective and intelligent ways to educate. Students must have a program of study and solid methods of instruction from which to learn, making curriculum and instruction important elements for any school or educational institution. Developing curricula requires a specialized understanding of modern theories and principles as well as the needs of stakeholders such as schools, parents, the community, and the state boards. In addition, working to improve instructional methods can help schools educate their students better, faster, or more in line with modern techniques.

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Biological Sciences


Medical Resources

Physiology and Behavior

Education and Human Resources

Research in Teaching and Learning

Instructional Materials Development

Teacher Enhancement Resources



Environmental Sciences

Ocean Systems

Liberal Arts

English Literature



Computer Science

Computer Science Resources

HTML Guides

Java Guides

Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

Social Work Research

  • NASW - National Association of Social Workers
  • SSWR - Society for Social Work and Research
  • SAGE Journals - Research on Social Work Practice
  • SCIE - Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • SWP - Social Work Policy

Language and Linguistics

Human Cognition

Political Science


  • Business Cycle - Economic Cycle Research Institute
  • AIER - American Institute for Economic Research
  • Lesson Plan Library - Lesson Plans for Economy Teachers
  • NAEE - National Association of Economic Educators
  • CEE - Council for Economic Education
  • AEA - American Economic Association