Internet Resources for Musicians and Music Teachers

Internet Resources for Musicians and Music Teachers

Internet Resources for Music Teachers

The Music Barn
Music Education Online
Lesson Plans for Music Teachers 
Music Teachers Page
Bus Songs
Kids Music Web
Multi-Language Kids Songs
The Association for Music in International Schools
Beat Boppers
Children's Music Workshop
The Instrumentalist
Music Teachers National Association
Youth Orchestra
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Music Education Madness
Music Tech Teacher.

Musician Resources

Harmony Central
Mary4Music Blues and Indie Network
Song Stuff for Songwriters
Traditional European Tunes
On-line Ear Training
Amateur Classical Musician´s Association.
On-line Ear Training
Young Composers Site
The Music Directory
Music Glossary
Music Resources


Jazz in America
Jazz Search Engine
A Passion 4 Jazz
Jazz Player
Jazz Review


Folk Music Links
Guitar Tabs
Glen Weisers Celtic Music
Art Edelstein´s Celtic Music
Acoustic Guitar
Michel Dalle Ave Guitarist and Composer.
Learn to play lead Guitar
Guitar Foundation of America


African Drums
Seattle Drum School
Music and Percussion Page
Djembe Man Drums- African Drums
African Rhythms and Hand Drumming
Drums and Percussion http://www.
Drum Lessons Database
Drums Free Sheet Music


Piano Lessons
A Piano Odyssey
Jazz Piano
Piano 300
The Piano Education Page
The Pianist´s Guide to the Internet
The Piano Technicians Page
Jazz Piano Tracks

Orchestra and Classical

League of American Orchestras.
The String Stuff Page
String Pedagogy Notebook
The String Skills Page
Classical Music Source
Youth Orchestra
About Classical Music
NYC Classical Music Page
Classical Music Source

Choir Resources

Dellamano Music
Church Music
Choral Net
Music Net
Ward Choir
The Music Room.
Sally De Ford Music
Songs of Praise
Split Infinity Music
Choral Music
The Met Opera
Music Lessons
The Choral Singer