Science Fair Survival Guide

Science Fair Survival Guide

1. Choose your Topic.

  • Your topic should be something that interests you personally. The more enthusiasm you have for your project, the more successful it will be.
  • The point of a project is to display a discovery. You have to conduct an experiment in order to find an answer to a question.
  • It should be fun. Don?t think of it as an assignment like boring old homework; think of it as a challenge.
  • A science project should be scientific, but take care as to not hurt or scare anyone- including yourself. Do not use any dangerous materials!
  • Finally, your topic should provoke thought in your audience. Try to do something original and remember: Presentation is everything!

Here are some great ideas to choose from:

2. Research.

Once you find you topic, you must commit to finding out everything you can about your experiment. Gather information about your topic from books, science journals, the Internet, etc. Remember to keep a record of where you find everything. You will most likely need to turn in a reference page with your project.

3. Scientific Method.

The scientifc method is the standard process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. The steps are as follows:

  1. Ask a Question
  2. Do a Background Research
  3. Construct a Hypothesis
  4. Test your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
  5. Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
  6. Communicate your Results

4. Experiment.

Do the experiment in a controlled manner and record the data. Keep all of your records organized with dates, time, etc

5. Record the Experiment.

Using your notes, make a presentable graph or chart detailing the events of the experiment -Date, time, temperature, results, questions, etc.

6. Display.

Prepare a presentation with a display or some sort of exhibit. Remember - presentation is everything, but you don?t have to go overboard. Be organized in the type of material that you want to present and use the Scientific Method as a guide. And make it simple, but fun. You do want to attract people to your project.

7. Presentation

Along with your display, you want to prepare a description of your project to go along with the visuals. While you present your project you are going to have to present the Scientific Method and the results to your audience. Don?t make it too technical, and make it interesting!

8. Practice.

Rehearse your presentation as many times as it is necessary to feel comfortable. Rehearse your presentation to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you can find so that you are comfortable talking in front of people.

9. Prepare.

Have everything you need ready and organized before you go to the Science Fair. Make a checklist of everything and do a run-through the day before so that you don?t forget anything.

10. Have fun!

Go to the Science Fair rested and confident. Have a good attitude and get ready to impress the judges with your great Science Project.

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